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Unfortunately, many patients avoid dental treatments due to fear or anxiety. This is because dental treatments are often associated with experiences of pain and discomfort. At Siesta Village Dentistry, we work to fight these misconceptions by showing patients that receiving dental care can be a comfortable and relaxing experience. One way that we do this is by providing methods of dental sedation for patients.

Sedation can be highly beneficial for patients during certain dental procedures. By providing sedation, we can minimize patient discomfort and greatly reduce anxiety. After receiving sedation, most patients will feel very relaxed and at ease, allowing our team to focus entirely on providing the most effective treatment. All of our methods of dental sedation are extremely safe, and our team will carefully monitor the process to make sure that the patient does not experience any side-effects.

At Siesta Village Dentistry, we offer oral sedation, local anesthesia and laughing gas.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation consists of taking a sedative pill shortly before a dental procedure. This will help the patient to remain calm and relaxed while treatment is provided, and it can make them less aware of any pain that may be associated with the treatment. During treatment, they will feel a powerful sense of relaxation, and they may enter into a calming, dream-like state of mind. After the procedure, it might take a few hours for the sedative to fully wear off. At this point, the patient should have little memory of the actual procedure, allowing them to place their full attention and efforts on the healing process.

Local Anesthetics

A local anesthetic is a substance applied directly at the site of a dental procedure immediately before treatment as a way of numbing the area and preventing the patient from experiencing discomfort. In some cases, a local anesthetic might be so effective in numbing the site of the procedure that the patient might not even feel the work that is being done. Local anesthetics are strictly used for pain management, and they are not designed to have any direct effect on the patient’s mental state. This means that a local anesthetic by itself might not be the best option for a patient who has a high level of anxiety prior to receiving treatment; however, some patients report that a local anesthetic is helpful for easing their nerves, because it helps to assure them that they will not experience significant pain during treatment.

Laughing Gas

Laughing gas is a vapor that is inhaled by the patient to help them feel comfortable and relaxed while dental treatment is provided. The substance is excellent for reducing patient anxiety, and it can greatly reduce any immediate fears or nerves that may be present. The gas is applied by wearing a special mask over the nose and then deeply breathing in the substance. Upon receiving the gas, the patient may feel slightly light-headed, and they might feel a sense of euphoria and giddiness. During this time, they should have little to no anxiety about the treatment that is being provided, and they can relax while our experts provide treatment. One of the advantages of laughing gas is that it leaves the patient fully aware of their surroundings, and they will quickly return to normal once normal air is breathed in. This will allow the patient to go on with their day as usual after receiving laughing gas during dental treatment.

Sedation is one of the best ways to ensure patient comfort and to reduce any stress that a patient may have about receiving dental care. If you are nervous about dental treatment, ask us about methods of sedation that can be used to help make the process easier. Our experts look forward to providing you a comfortable experience that features the very best in dental treatment and care. Please call us at (941) 240-1740 to schedule an appointment.


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