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Regularly scheduled professional teeth cleanings and dental checkups are essential for maintaining oral health and beautiful teeth. The dental care experts at Siesta Village Dentistry recommend that patients visit us at least twice per year for this reason. During your complete dental checkup, you will be able to enjoy our modern, upscale facility and relax in our heated massage chairs while we provide the best possible care for your teeth. While you are here, you will receive a professional teeth cleaning, digital X-rays if necessary, and an oral cancer screening. Afterwards, your mouth will feel fresh and rejuvenated, and you will be on the right track for exceptional oral health.

Professional Teeth Cleanings

Our professional teeth cleanings serve three primary purposes. First, they help us improve the appearance of a person’s teeth by polishing and cleaning the outer surfaces so that they shine brightly. Second, they are used to remove any unwanted buildups of tartar and plaque from the teeth to help them remain healthy. Finally, we use these visits to check the teeth and mouth for any signs or symptoms of dangerous oral health conditions, such as tooth decay or gum disease. Overall, the entire process is highly effective in cleaning teeth and helping the patient know exactly where they stand in terms of their oral health.

When providing a professional teeth cleaning, use top-quality dental tools to eliminate unwanted accumulations from both the surfaces of the teeth and below the gum line. As we do this, we also keep a close eye out for any oral health conditions that may be visible. If anything is found, we will explain the situation to the patient and work with them to remedy the situation. Once the teeth are free of any unwanted matter, the outer surfaces will be polished to provide the patient with a sense of oral freshness for many months to come.

Digital X-Rays

With our state-of-the-art digital radiography devices, we can get a detailed look at the hidden areas of a patient’s mouth and detect oral health issues that can otherwise be invisible. After taking the X-rays, the images will be transferred to a monitor for easy viewing. We can then carefully examine the images and explain any findings to the patients. Digital X-rays are excellent for catching many problems, such as interior tooth decay, gum disease, jawbone deterioration, cysts, oral cancer and more.

Oral Cancer Screening

People can be affected by oral cancer at any point in their lives, and the disease is best treated when it is caught as early as possible. That is why we provide an oral cancer screening during every complete checkup. This screening involves thoroughly checking the patient’s soft oral tissues for any signs or symptoms of this dangerous condition.

Siesta Village Dentistry is your home for all your oral care needs. Please call us at (941) 240-1740 to schedule an appointment.


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Margaret J.

“I almost love going to the dentist these days!!! Dr. Krause and all of his staff are so nice, so friendly that they make it a pleasure. You never have to wait, the office is nice, and they make you feel right at home. I haven’t needed anything major done (yet) but they do the best cleaning in town!!!! Highly recommend.”

George G.

“Excellent job I love it. Good Work ! Fast efficient smiling courteous …”

Sandra E.

“Well deserved 5 star rating. Awesome Dentist and Staff best in town ! Highly recommend…..”


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